Home Is Where The Heart Is || 12 Dec. 2013

Today’s musical stylings are a bit representative of my current state of mind:  reflective and grateful.

I am grateful for a home (both figurative and literal) in which to feel safe and loved; and a family (including extended) whom give me love, even still loving me and me them when the warm and fuzzy feelings give way to frustration and hurt, and whom support me… and feed me (:D !); and for a number of countless people who are acquaintances, friends, and confidantes whom inspire me to want to continually grow, thrive, and learn, and to want and demand our surroundings strive to be better, but because they also gift me with laughter and compassion.

The song is ‘Home : Word’ by Magnetic North & Taiyo Na ft. Sam Kang.  The link is to their music video, which complements the message of the song.  It speaks about the concepts of home and family, where and with whom you can feel safe and loved.  Those people with whom you feel safe and loved help to create that sense of home, wherever you may be and regardless of what may be happening in your life.  No matter where you are, you carry that with you; it is a part of you.


(* This makes me recall a time in a university literature course I took, the professor posed a question, ‘What is a house?  What is a home?’  And then asked the class to compare and contrast the two terms.  Though by definition the two words reference a building or shelter in which an individual or group of people reside or live, ‘house’ feels a little more detached than ‘home’, merely a structure in which one lives.  The term ‘home’ seems to attach more of an emotional presence to your place of living.  It is you (and anyone else who lives there) who makes a house into a home of support and love.  And that is an emotion that is not anchored by a physical location.)


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