A Party (to my ears)! || 6 May 2014

Sometimes my musical mood calls for French music.  I have a soft spot for the French, what can I say?  I did study French for six years… and I attempt to put it to use by reading or listening to something in French to exercise my language memory so it won’t be totally out of practice.  And so, my music library does include some French music, though it errs on the more old school stylings of the likes of Edith Piaf or Charles Trenet.  But it has a few contemporary sprinklings with artists like Carla Bruni.

One of the songs du jour piquing my fancy is the song “Boum” by Charles Trenet (check out the video).  It’s upbeat with whimsical fun, and the song lyrics are sweet, too.  I can’t help but move to the beats and prance around when I hear it (…at least in the safe confines of my home)!  Plus, the song reminds me of a 1980s French movie, La Boum (translates to The Party), which I had watched in high school French classes.  Silly and entertaining :).



One thought on “A Party (to my ears)! || 6 May 2014

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