About Me

California vineyards

I am Foodie Judie.  I’m based out of Boston, Massachusetts from the states.

Let me explain why I call myself Foodie Judie…  My food obsession couldn’t be contained and, thus, overflowed into an alter ego fully dedicated to ruminate over all food details galore.  I had to have an outlet for all my food photos, food rants, cooking inspirations, cravings, and my growing collection of kitchenware.  Plus, my friends were getting tired of hearing me go on and on!  😛  Food + Judie… what rhymed with Judie?  Foodie!  So Foodie Judie was born on Twitter some years back.  And that’s where it all started.  Years later, I only just committed myself to expanding my tweets on Twitter to more detailed blog posts.

But forgive me, it’s a work in progress…
Update:  In terms of my writing style, I tend to have quite a few conversational asides and sometimes it leads to another topic, altogether, but this is probably more accurate to what my flow of thought is like.  Yes, sometimes scattered and a bit crazy to follow, but a nice little peek of who I am as represented in my writing.  Like my cooking, I will try to edit and restrain myself as I see fit.  😀


A Mini Biography:

In my family, hospitality is shown with a “How are you?” that is closely followed by “Have you eaten, yet?”  Many of my memories always seem to have included food in the background.  Holidays, any sort of gatherings, and all times with family has revolved around the proverbial dinner table, and so many memories are strongly associated with foods, flavors, food rituals, and aromas.  It is only natural that my interest in eating, cooking and all things food blossomed into….. an obsession.

Here’s a sneak peak into how food has influenced my own history & future:

  • her first job was at an Italian-American bakery
  • she helped organize and cook for food events for non-profit organizations for over 8 years
  • she started compiling her inventory of kitchenware before she had a kitchen to call her own
  • is working on turning unwritten, cultural family recipes into quantifiable recipes (not just “a little bit of this and a dash of that” anymore!)
  • has dreams of becoming a Personal Kitchen Consultant (sort of…it certainly would be a fun idea!)

Oh, and I do have a day job and other personal goals that fit in there somewhere.  I enjoy connecting to work in areas that contribute back to my geographic/identity/shared interest communities, and I have a penchant to continue to learn about, educate, and be an advocate for social justice issues within a broader Asian American community context.  If food is involved, it’s a plus!!

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I publicly post my musings.  🙂


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