Mornings, Moon(cake) and Night

A Relaxing Morning Routine
mornings w: tea and donut
Usually when there’s bright, sunny days it makes me want to throw back the curtains and soak in all the morning sunshine right by my window.  This is why I try to arrange some sort of seating near any window.  Particularly, the lovely weather and sun this week made me want to sit and enjoy the rays in my window chair.  With summer seeming to wane in New England–the weather cooling down, the sun setting earlier by the day, and hints of fall colors touching the foliage–I want to maximize my time enjoying this weather.

So I decided to have tea, an apple cider donut, and a nice read in my window chair.  Ahhh… enjoying simple pleasures and just living in this moment (before the cold starts to set in again).

And now to the other end of the day… night fall.
9.20.13 mid-Autumn moon 2The moon was bright out and there was a clear view (as pictured above).  A nice temperate night and the moon are a reminder of this time of year.  It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival (here’s a link with more of a history of the origin of the holiday).  It’s a holiday often celebrated in the Chinese and Vietnamese cultures, though others may be familiar with it, too, particularly if they frequent Asian markets and bakeries, as symbols of the holiday flood these venues 🙂 …. Clementines, orange trees, moon cakes, etc…

Mooncakes, iconic edible of the Mid-Autumn Festival
(photo below courtesy of this HungryGoWhere site‘s post about mooncakes;
five kernel mooncake flavor pictured)
Nut & BBQ meat mooncakeAnd, though, I’m personally not a huge fan of mooncakes, it serves as a comforting, nostalgic snack.  Also, goes well with tea or coffee.  There are many different flavors of mooncakes to choose from, too.  With different molded “shells” and filling flavors, there’s still the ubiquitous and most common one:  ground, sweetened lotus seed and a preserved, salty egg filling are surrounded by a golden pastry-like shell.

I’ve been snacking on my one mooncake, as we speak.  Though this year, I received what I believe is the five kernel moon cake, which is filled with assorted chopped nuts and seeds with a dried ham jerky.  Not bad in flavor as the above linked mooncake article may allude to.  It reminds me of a trail mix with hints of some Asian spices, though compactly rolled into a golden pastry shell.

Well, happy snacking and enjoy the coming Autumn (or according to the Lunar calendar, mid-Autumn)!


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