Kicking back and relaxing

Kicking back and relaxing

Because sometimes you need a little jump start to relaxation… Because a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away… Because it’s a night cap before bed time…

You may enjoy a glass or two of a little something to celebrate a feeling, an occasion, yourself; or you want to unwind and let your mind decompress; or you just like to enjoy and savor the aroma and flavors of whatever is in your glass… Whatever your reason, let yourself enjoy it fully by being in the moment. Let that drink be a 15 minute (or however long) mini holiday by focusing on nothing else but you having a drink in your hand. Take deep breaths, pay attention to the aroma and flavors from the drink, breathe it in, close your eyes, think about what it is you’re enjoying in this moment, take a sip, and repeat.

Enjoy, RELAX, and stay for another drink if you can!  😉  More moments like these will surely improve your spirits and outlook on the day.

I know this seemingly simple act of grounding myself in the present (sometimes assisted with a nice drink :P, no judgement) can help refresh me and refuel my patience.


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